Jump Spinning Reverse Punch

Reverse PunchLast night we started out black belt class with a typical reverse punch routine. But that quickly evolved into something different. Our Sensei asked us to do a “jump spinning  reverse punch“. We’ve all seen the glorious hollywood style jump kicks such as the hurricane kick and the butterfly kick. But this was a move that involved landing with a punch. Not so much a technique with alot of flare, more so it was something to teach you to ground yourself and then immediately punch after.

I googled this jumping punch and I did not find anything pertaining to it to illustrate how it’s done, but here is the technique broken down for those curious.

Jump Spinning Punch

  1. Kumite into your typical downward block
  2. Instead of doing a reverse punch in place, you jump up pulling both feet in the air doing a 180 to your right (going right to start off)
  3. Land with both feet in a front stand and throw your reverse punch with the left hand immediately after
  4. For the second, count, you jump doing a 180 to your left this time and land to punch with the right hand reverse punch (alternate sides)
  5. After a full set, kumite and switch stance to mix it up a bit so you are jumping on different sides

This was a great drill we did, and it is also a great workout. Our Sensei stated his old Japanese masters used to swing a bo full speed at your feet and would crack you if you weren’t jumping high enough, he wanted us to jump as high as possible. After mentioning the bo staff everyone started jumping higher thinking we would be victim to the bo staff…

After completing both sides of that drill, we did a 360 version instead of a 180. So one you kumite you jump turning to your left side doing a full 360 and landing punching with the right hand. For this one, you end up punching the same side all the time. This was a nice drill to teach the difficult kick of Unsu kata.