Four Step Punching Drill

In our Saturday Morning black belt class, we have a four step punching drill we do. I was reminded of this drill because we did it in our Oct. 2 2012 Monday Night Black Belt class. This is a pretty simple drill for intermediate to advanced practitioners.

Stepping Punch, Stepping Reverse Punch, Stepping Reverse Punch, Stepping Punch

  1. This is a stepping drill, we kumite into our normal downward block kumite position in a front stance
  2. The first move is a standard stepping punch starting with the right hand
  3. The second move is a stepping reverse punch – to do this, when we step we position our left hand out pulling the right hand back to the hip almost like we are punching with the left hand (although we do not actually do a full force punch). This is performed in the middle of the C step, then when we step out we can punch with our “reverse” hand full power, if you did this correctly your left foot should be the lead foot in your front stand and your right hand should be punching
  4. The third move is a stepping reverse punch, right foot forward, left hand punching out
  5. The fourth and last move is a stepping punch, similar to the second move, we alternate hands in the middle so that when we punch, we are back in a normal stepping punch with left foot forward and left hand punching over the lead foot

Our Sensei stressed to take your time on each move, because too many people blow through the drill. Lastly, it is a huge drill devoted to using hips and power behind punches, so you should focus on gaining power with this drill.