Kumite Kid Back Online and Training

Greetings All,

To anyone reading, my website has been down for several months now. This site was very graciously hosted on a dedicated sever by a work contact. During a server migration, my site went down and remained down for several months due to a DNS error and I didn’t have time to mess with it during a family matter.

I have now recently bought my own dedicated Ubuntu server at Amazon and have migrated Kumite Kid over to this new server of mine. I have 100% control over the server and it is lighting fast. I plan to keep it here for good and also try to keep it updated. I want to add in, the site is also accessible by PittsburghShotokan.com, which redirects here, but I would like to do something with the domain in the future.


Besides the server migration, the past year~ has been a slow year for my martial arts training. My mother (who originally bought this domain almost 20 years ago) had to have an emergency stomach surgery back in August 2016~. It was a rough year involving having her be in ICU for several months in Pittsburgh. She is now doing well an expecting to make a full recovery.

Besides that, I don’t like to talk about it much, but I have indefinitely quit the dojo I went to all my life for various reasons and things I was very unhappy and disgruntled with. I am still training on my own and learning new things and will continue to update the blog regularly.



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